Bar Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday

Backdoor Kitchen Specialty Drinks:

No. 1
Ketel One Vodka muddled w/ fresh mint leaves and fresh lime. Topped w/ Reed’s ginger brew. Served on the rocks.

No. 2
Suzanne’s Margarita. Cuervo, fresh squeezed oranges and limes, and a splash of triple sec. Served on the rocks.

No. 3
Bacardi Rum shaken w/ fresh orange juice, crushed cardamom, and Triple Sec. Served straight up.

No. 4
Ketel One vodka and mango puree muddled w/ fresh lime. Topped w/ Reed’s Ginger Brew. Served on the rocks.

No. 5
Bombay Saphire shaken w/pomegranate juice and Grand Marnier. Served straight up.

No. 6
Ketel One Ginger-Lemon “Drop”
Made w/ fresh squeezed lemon and ginger syrup. Served straight up w/ a sugar rim.

No. 7
Smirnoff Vodka shaken w/ fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, ginger syrup, and Thai basil leaves. Served straight up w/ basil garnish.

No. 8
Crown Royal, maple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. Topped w/ Club Soda. Served on the rocks.

No. 9
Crème de Cacao, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, and a little Smirnoff shaken w/ fresh cream. Served straight up.

No. 10
Meyer’s Dark Rum and Blood Orange Bitters served on the rocks w/ a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice.

No. 11
Hendrick’s Gin muddled w/Thai basil leaves, fresh lime and a splash of simple syrup.

No. 12
Nasturtium flowers shaken w/ Ketel One Vodka, fresh lemon juice and a splash of simple syrup.

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